To create a new Hockey Labs account, follow the instructions below

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: On the right-hand side select "I'm a Parent" or "I'm a Player"

Step 3: Input your email address and create a password that hits all required criteria listed, then click "Continue" OR choose to continue with Google or Facebook and utilize your accounts there to create a single sign-on.

Step 5: If you are a parent, you will then be prompted to fill out all of your info and your player's info. If you are a player, you will just need to fill out your info. This step is important, as it will be our way to contact you about your account subscription, as well as place you in the proper age group in the app. Once you have filled in your info, check the box to confirm you understand the Hockey Labs Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, then click "Continue"

Step 6: Select either USD or CAD, then select if you would like a monthly subscription or year subscription. Once you have made your selection, input your credit card information, and click "Start Free Trial"

Step 7: You have officially created an account and will get a screen that says "Welcome to Hockey Labs!" at that point, click on the App Store or Google Play store link to download the Hockey Labs app, and start training.